HEMP, CBD, THC-cannabis and psilocybin compliance consulting firm Allay have entered into a first-of-itskind partnership with Cannabis Connect Insurance to offer discounted rates to cannabis companies working with Allay to gain critical safety certifications.

“In all other industries, access to insurance discounts for companies actively mitigating risk are quite common,” said Kim Stuck, CEO and Founder of Allay.

“We believe in cannabis normalization and have searched for a partner who is willing to place cannabis on the same playing field. By offering these discounts, we’re promoting safe business practices that elevate the entire industry,” she added.

As companies pursue various certifications through Allay such as current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), quality management (ISO 9001) and food safety (ISO 22000), Cannabis Connect applies account-level credits to save up to 10% of the insurance costs.

Cannabis Connect provides business insurance and risk management services to licensed cannabis operators.

“For our clients, this unique partnership is a match that is fortuitous – Allay helps companies mitigate risk while we find the right insurance for the right price,” said Danny Bozzuto, Co-founder of Cannabis Connect.

About Allay Consulting

Whether your business involves CBD, THC or both, Allay Consulting serves the hemp and cannabis industries to ensure regulatory compliance across all operations.
They work with cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, investors and other stakeholders across the U.S. to develop customized strategies and avoid compliance pitfalls.
Drawing from years of experience working on the regulatory side of the equation, their team is well-versed in rulemaking lingo and best practices, from product and food safety, to cGMP and ISO certifications, to OSHA and fire compliance, to due diligence audits.

Comprehensive knowledge of evolving regulations and unwavering attention to detail are central to Allay Consulting. They put your compliance worries to bed so you can focus on your products and services. Learn more at AllayConsulting.com.

About Cannabis Connect

We are a team of insurance professionals committed to serving the cannabis community in an ethical and informed fashion. We are passionate about cannabis and have dedicated our practice to ensuring cannabis business owners have quality insurance.

We are proud members of multiple cannabis industry associations and are actively involved in educating businesses about insurance, loss control, and quality coverage.

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