A major part of marketing your brand and establishing business contacts in the cannabis industry is attending or hosting special events. Cannabis trade shows (public or private events), such as festivals, conferences, trade shows, competitions, and celebrations, to name a few and networking events, are becoming increasingly popular as the industry continues to steadily grow.

Nevertheless, you will need specialized insurance to protect your company in the event of someone from the show, either another vendor, or patron files suit due to an accident, whether your negligent or not.

If you’re attending events away from your business and transporting goods with you, your typical coverage may not protect you if something goes wrong. The same can be said for hosting an event where there will be on-site consumption. On-site consumption events are not typically included in standard general liability policies, and so require a special events policy that will all on-site consumption.

To ensure you’re fully protected, make sure you speak to your broker specifically about cannabis event insurance.

What is Cannabis Event Insurance?

Cannabis event insurance provides coverage for liability for your booth at the venue and protects the landowner/event from being sued due to your operations while at the site.  It can also apply to special events you host on your premises where there will be on-site consumption.

If you intend on attending a cannabis event anytime in the future, speak with your insurance agent to see what your preexisting insurance may cover.

The sooner you get proper specialized insurance, the better. Cannabis events usually require liability insurance by the host or landowner, which typically has a lengthy underwriting process and may not be available for your event if you wait until the last minute. Especially if you are hosting an event, you will want to make sure you have the proper coverage in place.

Here are the things your insurance broker will need to find coverage:

      • Location
      • Type of event (fair, consumer show, concert, etc.)
      • Date(s) of the event
      • Is the event is outdoors or indoors?
      • Will there be onsite consumption?

Are you bringing property with you that may need coverage as well?

Get in Touch with a Cannabis Insurance Broker

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