Site Pollution Insurance for Cannabis Businesses

What is Site Pollution Insurance for Cannabis Businesses?

Site pollution insurance protects your business for costs associated with testing, remediation, and liability associated with pollutants found on your site, whether they were there before or after your business moved to the location.

Certain cannabis businesses work with large volumes of chemicals, both organic and inorganic.  Chemical spills can happen, sometimes waste is disposed of improperly, or soils tests by the EPA show that there are pollutants that need to be cleaned up.  Many cannabis businesses are zoned in industrial areas and the typical industrial business will have some pollutants on site.  With site pollution your business is protected from legal liability, environmental liability, and remediation with hazardous material found in your property (asbestos, led paint, mold, etc.).

Contractor’s Pollution

If your business you to transport materials that, if spilled, would cause damage to rivers, dirt, or the environment in general you will want to consider contractor’s pollution.  Contractor’s pollution differs from site pollution by following your employees and work from location to location while site pollution is limited to your business’s location.

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