OSHA Raises Penalties for 2024

FED-OSHA penalties for several workplace safety violations by employers have increased for 2024. The penalties for OSHA violations rise annually to account for inflation under the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act. Penalties for most violations increased 3% on Jan. 16 from their 2023 levels.


Employers with 10 or more employees are required to post their completed OSHA Form 300A by Feb. 1 and keep it posted until April 30. The form must be posted where the company usually posts other staff notices, like minimum wage and worker rights posters. The Annual Summary (Form 300A) requires the following information from the Form 300 Log:

  • The total number of non-first-aid injury and illness cases.
  • The total number of cases with days away from work and cases with job transfer or restriction, and total number of other recordable cases.
  • The total number of days from all injuries, including days away from work and job transfer restrictions.
  • The number of injury/illness cases, including skin disorders, respiratory conditions, poisoning and hearing loss.